We think that questions of fate shouldn’t be ignored or handled lightly, whether it’s a face-to-face reading or an internet consultation! We aim to offer you a quick overview of the six sorts of fortune telling you shouldn’t miss today. As long as the mystery of the future may be perceived, as they say

Fortune telling based on tarot cards


Teenagers and adults alike seem to find tarot reading to be an easy decision, and it is likely the most widely used kind of fortune-telling in existence right now. This well-known skill, which is practiced all over the world and was developed by the ancient traveling Gypsies, is still regarded as a global mystery. Tarot reading mainly relies on one’s inner strength, employing awareness of the mind directed at the cards in front of you to discover deeper connotations. The symbols and pictures on the cards use the cards as a medium to tell you a meaningful tale and provide a look into your future. Although you might occasionally hear Thai people refer to this kind of fate telling as using “Gypsy Cards,” we typically mean using Tarot.

Thai Ancient Fortune telling

Fortune Telling

Thai fortune-telling is another choice that many Thai people make since it focuses on personal experiences as well as regional and global events. It is possible to compute current astrology using the knowledge of Ancient Thai Fortune Reading, which is a body of beliefs based on actual star positions in the sky, dates, and local time. Since astrology is employed by Thai Ancient Fortune to forecast the future, It is probable that other variables also relate to the fate of each individual, much like the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greeks who came before them did and developed and introduced these concepts to other countries.

Ancient Fortune in Thai Reading can be broken down into two different zodiac systems: the “Sayana” or Tropical Zodiac, which is used in both Western and traditional astrology and is the moving zodiac based on the position of the sun, and the “Nirayana,” or Sidereal Zodiac, which is used in Eastern, Thai, and Hindu astrology. You can pick from a broad number of methods used by Thai fortune tellers to determine your Lukkana (Ascendant Signs), according to your faith and beliefs. These methods may be based on the schools they attended or the professors who came before them.

Fortune telling based on numbers

It has become more and more common over time to look at numbers in your life, such as your phone number, birth date, or personal identity number. This style of fortune-telling is based on the same principles as astrology, which is that it has particular importance and power over our lives. The entire accumulation of these numbers may even have connections to you as the number of your precise birth date, according to ancient Indian beliefs, which relate the numerals 1 through 9 to the solar system’s nine planets and reveal greater meaning.

Oracle Cards Reading for fortune telling

Oracle Cards Reading for fortune telling

Although it has not yet gained as much popularity, Oracle Card Reading is based on the same concepts as Tarot Reading. This approach, which reveals fortunes by activating the subject’s ideas and minds through displayed images rather than using predetermined processes like Tarot reading, is often known in Thailand as It is mostly used for divination through image cards and promotes healing and reestablishing mental tranquility, which is meant to uplift those who utilize them.

Ancient Runes Reading for fortune telling

Ancient Runes Reading for fortune telling

Earlier Runes The Northern Europeans’ use of rune letters is where reading first developed. Runar is a term that denotes a whisper or a secret. According to the Norse epic Hávamál from the 9th century, these runes represent the letters that Odin, the supreme deity and all-father from Nordic legend, had learned on his journey of suffering by hanging from the tree of Yggdrasil for 9 days and 9 nights until he achieved all knowledge in the world. The Elder Futhark tale for the first 24 runes is depicted on the front of the Hanged Man card in the Rider Waite Tarot decks.

Archaeologists in Scandinavia have found almost 3,000 slabs of stone, wood, and metal with rune characters on them, suggesting their significance among the Germanic tribes that swept across Scandinavia, Wales, and even England before the year BC. Runes were etched for protection during the time on tree branches, weapons, written letters, artwork, jewellery, buildings, and even tombstones. The concept that each letter has a special significance and mystical power led people to utilise them in rituals, amulets for protection, and divination. For instance, the Elder Futhark is composed of three sets (Aetts) of eight letters each, for a total of 24 letters.

Phromayarn Cards Reading for fortune telling

Phromayarn Cards Reading

The next form of fortune telling to be discussed is a very distinctive kind of card reading. With 69 cards (5 sets) in a deck and a reputation for being exceedingly accurate, Phromayarn Cards include the following:

  1. The Maha Phrom and Phaya Phiphek cards, are considered to be “holy instructors.”
  2. The seven cards titled “Gods of Each Birth Date”
  3. The 12 cards featuring “gods of each birth month”
  4. The 12 cards describing “gods of birth signs”
  5. The 36 base cards to further explain the first three sets of cards

The reading technique entails selecting 12 cards from a deck of 69. The first card indicates the fundamental elements of that person’s fate, or Vipassana (overall level of good luck and life fortune based on the Buddhist belief). The second card denotes wealth and possessions, the third denotes a residence, the fourth denotes links to family, and the fifth denotes children as well as those who are hired by the person and those of lesser social standing who need to be constantly watched. The fifth card, in particular, might reveal whether you have the correct advocates and solid backing.

The sixth card then predicts challenges and enemies, the seventh predicts a lover or life partner and whether they are your soulmate, the eighth predict illness and disease, the ninth predicts happiness and wish fulfillment, the tenth predicts work and career, the eleventh predicts status and fame, and the last card predicts an overall conclusion and your fate. The Phromayarn card reading was the first of its kind in Thailand. It is the only kind of card reading that can provide a “roadmap” of a person’s whole life fortune, making it the perfect choice for people who prefer to go deep and uncover more information about themselves.

Summary for fortune telling games

For other people, fortune-telling isn’t always a superstitious subject; rather, it’s a practice that offers general life advice. Try out for fun or to allay your fears—no there’s the harm in it. Check out these six categories of popular fortune-telling skills that we just launched if you enjoy divination.

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